• bağımsız denetim

    From page editing and proofreading to building your corporate style and terminology, every aspect is covered to deliver ACCURATE, CLEAR and DEADLINE-SENSITIVE translations...

  • finansal ve mali risk analizi

    Engage the right team, the right hardware&software, and the capacity to incorporate previous translations, to produce METICULUOUS, CONSISTENT and FLAWLESS translations...

  • bütüncül yaklaşım, iyileştirme ve geliştirme

    We combine our translation and solution partners around the world with our globalization and localization know-how to offer GLOBAL QUALITY translations...

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are here to ensure translation is not a ‘problem’, but a ‘production process’ that

  • Is measurable in terms of cost, scope and delivery period,
  • Adheres to your quality standards,
  • Can be planned so as to integrate into your work flow

Our team members

  • Have expertise in a variety of fields,
  • Are expert in their command of their foreign language and Turkish,
  • Concentrate on particular fields, but also keep their horizons broad,
  • Know that they are working both for us and for YOU,
  • Are tech-savvy and eager to constantly update themselves.


1. We Plan

With you, we plan when to translate and when to deliver which content, and which database and style to employ.

2. We Write

We ensure that any textual content of your choice will be written in a comprehensible, clear, accurate and purpose-tailored manner.

3. We Translate

We deliver the target text in native language quality, on the date and in the format of your choice.

4. We Review

We proofread translations rendered by other sources, overhauling the content in line with global standards.

5. We Also

Create and apply style guide for various text types. Moreover, we can build specific terminology for your company, and ensure consistency in your textual output.

  • How

  • We convert any of your needs into projects with defined;
  • Scope, budget, and deadline
  • Workflow processes and action plan
  • Quality standards
  • Style and terminology
  • Tools and Resources
  • We deploy highest-technology;
  • Data security systems,
  • CAT software and hardware,
  • Backup applications
  • We deliver by;
  • Assembling the most competent and project-tailored team,
  • Ensuring we have a Plan B,
  • Maintaining constant contact with you,
  • Focusing on concision, accuracy and consistency,
  • Considering ourselves a department of your company.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us via proje@verbasis.com to learn more about the software we deploy, our team, and our experience and references.


+90 216 546 08 90 (Pbx)
+90 216 546 11 74
Acıbadem Cad. Palmiye Sok. Şafak Apt. No. 1 D.10 Acıbadem – Üsküdar / İstanbul

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